Are you having problems with your display campaigns post-GDPR? Here are five ways to fix them

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your display campaigns since the GDPR changes came into effect, you’re far from alone. Many advertisers are wondering why performance has dropped, and why their agency has gone a bit quiet.

The truth is that a lot of agencies were unprepared for the impact that the GDPR has had on digital marketing, and some simply don’t understand the problem and don’t know how to (or even can’t) fix it.

What are the issues affecting ad tech suppliers?

Ad tech suppliers (like DSPs, DMPs, DCOs, ad servers and attribution companies) are all having big issues in complying with GDPR.

And this has led them to make decisions that impact advertisers more than they should be – as a result removing buying options, performance features and data and inventory connections.

Here are some of the problems companies are grappling with:

  • Ad exchanges have had a huge drop in impression volume available for use.
  • DMPs, DSPs, ad servers and attribution companies are having issues connecting to other companies they rely on to operate successfully.
  • DCOs are not being as effective with creative options.

Few companies are providing sufficient information or support on the various issues that are being experienced. However, there are solutions out there that will help you to continue seeing the results you want from your display campaigns post-GDPR.

Five ways we can help you get the results you want from your display campaigns

1) How we can help you with performance issues

Volumes of available inventory have reduced post-GDPR, and advertisers have seen even bigger drops in sales performance – CPAs have been rising while ROI falls and engagement declines. This can be because of loss of retargeting volume and changes in how key publishers are supplying inventory.

In order to get performance back to the levels that it needs to be, campaigns need to be adjusted to the new situation. We can help by showing how you can achieve performance in the post-GDPR world.

2) How we can help you gain consent

Although many companies see to be relying on the dubious ‘legitimate interest’ excuse, or appear to be ignoring the GDPR altogether (witness the number of sites still using the ‘by using this site you agree to be cookied’ approach), they won’t get away with this for long. And, sooner or later, advertisers and publishers will need to gain consent to run targeted advertising.

This needs the use of a CMP and some consideration as to why a user would give consent. With gaining and managing consent being such a big consideration for modern display campaigns you must consider the needs of the data subject. We can help with our Crimtan consenTag, and guiding you through the consent process.

3) How we can help with campaigns for users without consent

Post-GDPR it’s inevitable that many users cannot be delivered targeted advertising and you need other effective ways to reach valuable customers. Context, location, time, device and other criteria can still be used in highly effective performance campaigns.

We can help by showing how successful campaigns can be run for users without consent.

4) How we can help you with tech that works

In order to be GDPR-compliant, you need to safeguard your inventory supply by using technology that is fully integrated with the IABs Global Vendor List, and with Google’s list of approved ad technology providers.

We can help you with this, as well as installing a GDPR compliant, IAB approved means of gathering user consent (Crimtan’s consenTag CMP).

5) How we can help you adapt to the new display marketing world

You need to use technology that offers the best targeting solutions that don’t involve personal data, and seek open, flexible options to inventory supply, data enhancement and delivery.

Our fully managed service gives you the benefits of a customer lifecycle approach, supported by a fully integrated GDPR compliant technology solution – including a DMP, DSP, DCO and CMP.

How GDPR can give you a competitive advantage

There’s no reason why GDPR should have a negative effect on your digital ad campaigns. In fact, you can even use it as a competitive advantage.

With all the panic and lack of real understanding about GDPR right now, the brands who understand how to work with it are performing well. Their non-GDPR savvy competitors, however, are cancelling retargeting campaigns, reaching fewer users and paying more for bids.

And the perfect time to take advantage of this competitive advantage is now – before the rest of the industry catches up.

We can help you reach the right audience right now, and stay GDPR-compliant. To find out exactly how we can help, email Jon Weeks or call 020 7821 6864.

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