Crimtan signs up to EU Framework for OBA

Behavioural Advertising Company, Crimtan, commits to new self-regulatory programme providing compliance with EU ePrivacy Directive.

Clearly demonstrating its commitment to web user safety and privacy, Crimtan is one of the first companies to sign up to the EU Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising.

The EU Framework was created to help companies comply with the EU ePrivacy Directive and to encourage a harmonized approach for business and users across Europe. This self-regulatory approach has been welcomed by the European Commission,? the UK Government and the ICO.

Paul Goad, Managing Director of Crimtan said: ?Crimtan is delighted to once again lead the way in openly demonstrating our respect for web users and a commitment to transparency and choice in behavioural advertising.?

In response to the new EU ePrivacy Directive, the Good Practice Principles for Online behavioural Advertising has been superseded by the EU Framework for OBA. Crimtan is fully committed to delivering the obligations outlined in this self-regulatory Framework and was one of the first companies across Europe to sign up to it. Communications Minister, Ed Vaizey, has published an ?open letter? that re-iterates UK Government support for the behavioural advertising self-regulatory work. In addition, the letter has the full support of the ICO. great technology and solutions that Crimtan brings to our market. New products such as Interactive Video Units, Video advertising and Dynamic Retargeting have received a warm reception in the UK and Ireland and we look forward to introducing them to the CEE markets.?