How our new consenTag™ makes it easier for you to comply with the GDPR

The GDPR brings many business challenges. And one of the biggest is that, from 25 May 2018, all advertisers and site owners will need user consent to target their site visitors and customers for marketing purposes.

To ensure that your business can carry on with the minimum of disruption, we have developed consenTag, a Consent Management Platform that provides all you need to gain web user consent for all your site and internet marketing activities.

Registered with the IAB, Europe’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework, consenTag fully supports the rights of all individuals under GDPR – and makes it much easier for you to legally comply with the GDPR requirements.

To find out some of the unique features and see how consenTag can help you meet your obligations under the GDPR, take a look at our consenTag page and get in touch for a demonstration today.

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