How running cross-format campaigns with a single partner can dramatically increase customer engagement by 6x

What impact does viewing different format ads from one campaign make on engagement? To find out, we investigated a multi-format programmatic campaign.

Programmatic advertising, the ability to deliver adverts across many formats like banners, video, connected and catch-up TV, and digital billboards is growing. Growing in use and growing in different format capability. 

To show the impact on potential customers of viewing ads across different formats delivered through a single partner across one campaign, we conducted an investigation.

Our research wanted to find out the impact on the customer engagement for each ad format when potential customers see it first in a campaign, compared to seeing it further along the campaign journey – and the results were staggering.

You can discover exactly what we learned in our free report. You can also learn:

  • What impact format order had on customer engagement.
  • What the top performing combinations were.
  • The five benefits of using more formats and a single partner.
  • Why you should add multiple ad formats to your campaign.

So if you’d love invaluable insights on how to increase the engagement of your multi-format programmatic campaigns by up to 6x, download our free report now.

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