How to design good programmatic creative

Are you planning a new programmatic campaign? Or trying to understand why a previous campaign didn’t deliver the results you were expecting?

One of the most important – and overlooked – parts of any successful programmatic campaign is the design. Done well, programmatic creative will dramatically improve your results, with better conversion rates and ROI, higher engagement and less wastage.

But, designing programmatic creative is an entirely different art to coming up with a good press ad, TV ad or poster.

To help you design a programmatic campaign that will build brand awareness, drive customers to your site and maximise sales, here’s how to get the creative right.

The four key areas of programmatic creative you need to get right

When planning programmatic creative, there are four key areas you need to get right:

1. Design – your ads need to look good, be on brand, have a strategic message and a strong call to action.

2. Technology – your ads also need to allow dynamic content and enable different products and messages to be used for different audiences.

3. Optimisation – machines have to learn what messages, products and services work best for different groups.

4. Planning – work out what you want to be dynamic, what tests are important, and don’t make expensive template changes unnecessarily.

Programmatic creative doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. Good people and the right tools can make dynamic creative cheaper and more effective than traditional creative when done correctly.

Like all creative you can always spend more, but it’s more important that you get the fundamentals right than you blow your budget on a visually impressive, but poorly performing, design.

Want to read more detail on the process? We take you step-by-step through creating a dynamic display ad campaign here.

Have you future-proofed your display advertising campaigns?

If you’re not currently running programmatic advertising campaigns, now is the time to start investing in the right expertise to future-proof your marketing.. Display, social and search are all largely programmatic today, and video, TV and out of home (OOH) are fast becoming programmatic.

To maximise your results, it’s wise to integrate your creative team with media buying. Keeping them separate is a mistake; they need to be seamless. Collaboration and integration will lead to better results. And while specialists can help, all parts of the process need to be collaborative.

We’d love to help you create and run successful programmatic campaigns. To find out more about how we can help call or email your local Crimtan office