We’re proud to be named Best Digital Trading Team finalists in the Drum Digital Trading Awards

We’re proud to be named Best Digital Trading Team finalists in the Drum Digital Trading Awards

Digital trading is a relatively new skill – and it’s not easy. The hours are long, the work is complicated and clients, quite rightly, demand exceptional results. To meet these expectations, a digital trading team must work together effectively and be talented in many disciplines.

So, as you can probably imagine, we were delighted when we were named as finalists in the Best Digital Trading Team category at the Drum Digital Trading Awards.

Our team produces exceptional results from complex challenges

We’re incredibly proud of our digital trading team. Week in, week-out they demonstrate their commitment and ability to produce exceptional results from complex challenges. Here’s just a taste of some of the results they’ve recently achieved:

· They brought the CPA for one properly client down from £80 to £45 for arranging a viewing for buyers, and from £681 to £312 for arranging a valuation for landlords.

· For another client they developed a sophisticated attribution methodology that showed that 75% of conversions were associated with viewed impressions. This resulted in a 65% fall in the CPA from £158 to £56 and an increase in ROI of 273%.

· By segmenting a third client’s users based on site behaviour and using this data to make better buying decisions, they were able to reduce their CPA by a third and increase ROI from 772% to 1845%. The client’s conversion rate also grew to 14.92% from 10.17%.

And here’s what just some of our clients say about our team:

“We run all of our programmatic advertising through Crimtan. As a business our turn-around times are tight, Crimtan’s trading team accommodated our needs and recently went above and beyond our expectations during a campaign over Christmas which involved out of hours optimisation and setting up new rollover campaigns. This flexibility has had a real positive impact on our business.”

“The team at Crimtan have been providing an invaluable service to us since 2017. Our Technical Account Manager is always on hand to support us and consistently demonstrates a high level of knowledge and expertise in the programmatic space. More importantly the team are driving very positive results ensuring that campaign performance is consistently within the required KPIs.”

“No task is a struggle with Crimtan and they never make you feel like what you are asking is unachievable. I would never think twice about putting them in front of my clients as I trust them wholeheartedly in what they do. They make working with them not only easy, but also very enjoyable. An experience you cannot often achieve elsewhere.”

Our digital trading team are already winners in our eyes

So whatever the final results in the Drum Digital Trading Awards, we’re confident that the best digital trading team is sat right here in our offices. And we’re sure many of our clients would agree.

If you’d like to find out how our digital trading team can help you to improve your programmatic results, just give us a call on 020 3262 0415 or email us at jweeks@crimtan.com.