What was the brief?

Understanding the importance of relevancy with shifting Australian consumer behaviour, BWS asked us to deliver a campaign to new and existing customers promoting their three core pillars of convenience, value and range.

BWS wanted to:

  • Deliver a positive ROAS deduped alongside existing channels
  • Leverage a single partner for all their programmatic activity
  • Align their programmatic activity with a fast-moving marketing and trade calendar keeping it current with weekly initiatives of their key products

What did we do?

Our proprietary technology is one of only a handful marketing platforms that can seamlessly link creative intelligence, audience intelligence and investment intelligence for fully optimized delivery through programmatic advertising.

This means we were able to build a bespoke decision tree that would influence image and message and message combinations instantaneously, and test which combination worked best in real time against different subsets of BWS audiences across key trade activities.

And with access to our platform, BWS had full control of design and branding at full transparency. We used a dynamic strategy for this campaign that created seamless user experiences with decision tree.

What was the result?

We surpassed our targets, delivering a positive return in ad spend in just 10 days (20 days ahead of schedule). We also hit an ROI of 6:1 and a 6% higher average order value across new and existing customers compared to other channels.

higher AOV
10 days
to hit positive ROI

What did the client say?

“We tasked Crimtan to create relevance and recall with messaging that was specific to each new and existing BWS customers at a specific time, location and the right product based on their interest and intent.

And to make things even more challenging, we asked them to hit a positive ROAS by the end of month one, deduped through our own attribution platform.

They exceeded our targets and we were very happy with the results.”

Download our full case study, including details of how we achieved a 6:1 ROI and what we learned from the campaign.

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