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Find out how we more than doubled the expected number of clicks per impressions served for alcohol brand RumChata.

What was the brief?

Alcohol manufacturers RumChata wanted to drive brand awareness of their product and encourage their target market to consider purchasing it.

What did we do?

We set up a target user pool of users most likely to purchase the product who were within the vicinity of key store to drive consideration and footfall. The target audience was women aged between 25-40.

To ensure we were targeting the right users we analysed the data from the UK electoral roll, land registery and online consumer behaviour. We then overlaid this data with contextual data targeting female heavy content to further refine activity.

Dinner parties were identified as the strongest trigger for purchase so we identified and targeted users who were planning a dinner party and looking for inspiration.

We used a custom keyword list to ensure we were reaching the right users, using terms related to dinner parties, recipes and cocktail recipes. We also targeted within the two retailers’ postcodes.

What were the results?

We more than doubled the clicks you would expect to see for the number of impressions served, based on the UK average.

What did we learn?

We achieved the best response rates when reaching users at home as they were planning the weekly shop.

The best performing audience were aged 25-34. These drove the highest engagement rates. Parents also engaged well.

The best performing day of the week was Monday and the best performing time was 11am. The top performing audience interests were:

  • Travel
  • Getting married
  • Popular culture
  • Family and baby

Why we’re proud of this campaign

We’re proud of the standard of expertise we offer when planning and managing campaigns.

With a detailed, driven approach we are able to develop campaigns for our clients that deliver against key KPIs, which we have seen translate to in-store sales – as we see here with RumChata.

Our strategy has also helped other brands – including Moss Bros, Miss Selfridge, Red Carnation Hotels, South Africa Tourism and more – surpass their campaign targets. You can read all our case studies here.

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