What was the brief? 

Shoeaholics wanted to increase sales over the Black Friday period to drive an incremental ROI of 2:1. Their goal was to achieve a new customer rate (NCR) of 50% and over £50 average order value (AOV).

What did we do? 

We aligned our creative planning with Shoeaholics’ trade plan to build up hype before Black Friday. We used different daily deals to drive users to visit Shoeaholics’ site and draw them into the lifecycle or re-engage lapsed customers.

The campaign launched a week before Black Friday with deals including 30% off Carvella and 25% off designer edits. We changed the messaging daily to keep users engaged. This was particularly important as the market was saturated at this time, and we needed to cut through the noise and stand out from our competitors (who didn’t change their ads).

As the creatives were built by our in-house creative team the client had input on them throughout the campaign, and were able to make any last minute changes if they wished. 

What was our strategy? 

By using our lifecycle strategy we used SAH trade messaging for new and top level viewers to initially drive users to site, and push them through the lifecycle to convert. 

The deeper in the lifecycle the user was, the more aggressively we would bid and ramp up frequency to make sure we won each impression to drive incremental ROI. 

To identify and re-engage users we broke down the stages between ‘visit’ and ‘convert’ into ‘category’, ‘product’ and ‘abandon basket’. We then only showed users messaging that was relevant to where they were in the lifecycle. 

So, for example, if a user was browsing bags generically, they would receive bags creative. But if they had added something to their basket, we would then show them a “Have you forgot this?” ad to remind them of their product and encourage them to complete the sale. 

The budget was upweighted on Black Friday itself, to capitalise on all active users browsing.

What were the results?

We achieved an incremental ROI of 3.11:1 – this was 55 % higher than the planned benchmark. We also delivered a new customer rate of 60%.

Higher ROI
New customer rate
Average order value

The average order value was £58.84. So even with prices being heavily discounted, we still maintained a high AOV. The cost per acquisition was £4.87.

What did we learn?  

The top performing audiences were “Career Climbers” – these users are younger (between 25-29 years) with high disposable incomes living in rented accommodation. And “Modest Means” – users who like to get value for their money 

The top-performing device for conversions was mobile. Mobile also achieved the highest CTR. However, the strongest AOV came from desktop. 

The top-performing day of the week for conversions was Wednesday. CTR was highest on Sundays when users were more likely to be home and browsing the web.

What was the client’s reaction?  

We’re delighted with the results. Our Black Friday campaign exceeded our expectations thanks to Crimtan. Not only did we attract more new customers than we’d hoped, but they were able to beat our target ROI by 55%.

Gareth Rees-John – Director or Digital

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