AX Paris

How we delivered an average CPA of £3.80 for AX Paris (on a target of £10)

What was the brief?

AX Paris wanted to target their key target audience of females between 18-35 in a campaign with a CPA below £10.

What did we do?

We placed a pixel down on the AX Paris site, and used this insight to create a bespoke audience targeting set up.

We used the analysis to target users similar to those already converting using our own behavioural segments, such as the entertainment audience and the fashion audience. We also used this data to set up lookalike audiences in our own console.

What was the result?

We surpassed the client’s target by consistently driving a CPA lower than £5. The client was so delighted they asked us to continue working for them.


What did the clients say?

“We were so delighted by the results Crimtan achieved in their initial campaign – they beat our KPI by 62% – that we’ve continued working with them as an always-on partner.”

Download our full case study, including details of how we achieved a CPA of £3.80 and what we learned from the campaign.