Miss Selfridge

How we achieved a 47% new customer rate for Miss Selfridge

What was the brief?

Miss Selfridge wanted to achieve a new customer rate of over 40% through the programmatic channel, and align their programmatic activity with a fast-moving marketing and trade calendar keeping it current with daily initiatives.

They also wanted to understand true incrementality of programmatic, and leverage a single partner for all their programmatic activity.

What did we do?

We aligned our creative planning was aligned to Miss Selfridge’s trade plan, and the messaging and creative assets were changed daily to reflect events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Using our lifecycle marketing programmatic strategy, we found new customers, moved prospectors to conversion, and grew customer lifetime value. Our campaign was creative led, but data driven, and designed specifically to find completely new customers and increase existing customer lifetime value.

The team at Miss Selfridge were highly engaged throughout the campaign, and refreshed creative with key calls to action which supported our targeting strategies and helped drive more engagement.

What was the result?

We delivered a new customer rate of 47% (checked against a lifetime customer file). We generated £307k of revenue at an increasing ROI of nearly 4:1. The cost per order was £14.18, across new and existing customers.

new customer rate
increasing ROI
of revenue
cost per order

What did the client say?

“We chose Crimtan in our RFI process for best- in-class creative including video. It is rare to find such an engaged partner that allows us the luxury to fully align our marketing and trade plan through programmatic.

They combine the best bits of audience segmentation and the right message in the right format to the right person.

They have surpassed our initial expectations to find new customers achieving a better new customer rate than either search or social. They are now part of the team, and their managed services mean that we can focus on our core message and know that we have someone delivering that through programmatic.”

Download our full case study, including details of how we achieved a new customer rate of 47% and what we learned from the campaign.