Moss Bros

How we delivered 9:1 ROI in programmatic advertising for Moss Bros

What was the brief?

Moss Bros had never considered programmatic as a meaningful marketing channel. However, they were looking for ways to find new customers in Q4, the most important quarter for retail. Their goal was to achieve an incremental ROI of 4:1 ROI and ensure that their brand was represented in the right way.

What did we do?

Using our lifecycle marketing programmatic strategy, we found new customers, moved prospectors to conversion, and grew lifetime value. Our campaign was creative led, but data driven. We used first party, third party, ambient and performance overlays.

We initially split the budget between new customers, and used our proprietary mix of robust incrementality (which we agreed with the client) and control methodology to measure the difference. We also used enhanced tracking implementation to split out new customer orders against existing customer orders. We then tested the campaign against a 5% control group.

What was the result?

We generated £240k of incremental revenue at 5.4-6.4 ROI. The overall ROI was 9:1. We delivered a new customer rate of 43%, checked against their five-year customer file. The cost per order was £8.20, across new and existing customers.

new customer rate
of incremental revenue
cost per order

What did the client say?

“Crimtan have become a key component in our marketing strategy. We have discovered completely new customers to our business, as well as re-activating lapsed segments, whilst having complete control of our brand across the network.

Crimtan have provided excellent customer service throughout and I am looking forward to the coming year where we can build out our lifecycle strategy via relevant and timely engagement of our growing customer base.”

Download our full case study, including details of how we achieved a 6:1 incremental ROI and what we learned from the campaign.