South Africa Tourism

How we tripled the daily website traffic for South Africa Tourism

What was the brief?

South Africa Tourism wanted to move towards a lifecycle approach for their programmatic campaigns. Their brief was to retarget based on peoples travel interests, and to start using targeted creative. The campaign KPI was to achieve a CTR of 0.1%.

What did we do?

To ensure we reached the users outside of the stereotypical tourist to South Africa, six creative themes were identified pre-campaign. We used behavioural and creative targeting to guarantee we delivered ads in front of the target audience.

What was the result?

We achieved a CTR of 0.13% – exceeding the client’s target of 0.1%. We also tripled their daily website traffic, and drove 20k new users to it.

New users

What did the client say?

“Crimtan were exceptional to work with. It was the first time we had tried retargeting through personalized and dynamic creative, and it increased our CTR by 0.13%. We were so happy with the results that we continued working with Crimtan on a new campaign.”

Download our full case study, including details of how we helped move South Africa Tourism away from a static approach to their programmatic campaign.