Connected TV

Considering a connected TV campaign? Find out what different CTV formats you can choose from, and how we can help you.

Connected TV (CTV) is video content consumed on a TV screen, delivered via an internet connection.

This includes TVs directly connected to the internet (Smart TV), as well as hardware that enables a TV to become connected, for example TV sticks, games consoles and set-top boxes that are connected to the internet. 

Connected TV formats

  • VOD (video on demand) – A service that allows viewers to watch video content wherever and whenever they choose, rather than at the scheduled broadcast time.
  • SVOD (subscription VOD) – A video content service for which the user pays a subscription for example Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, Disney+
  • BVOD (broadcaster VOD) – A video content serivice delivered by a broadcaster, typically funded by advertising and therefore are to the users.
  • AVOD (ad- supported VOD) – A video content service that is funded by advertising. This includes video services that are free to the user and also those that offer a subscription fee as well as showing ads. Broadcaster VOD services that are funded by advertising are included in this, but also Youtube etc
  • TVOD (transactional VOD)– A video content service where customers pay for each piece of video on demand content. For example, a customer would pay a fee for each movie or TV show that they watch.

Why work with Crimtan on connected TV campaigns?

  1. Our lifecycle marketing product in conjunction with CTV ads helps to amplify our clients’ campaigns and increase engagement.
  2. Our DCO, combined with full creative studio offering, allows for data driven story telling.
  3. Our relationships with premium CTV publishers enables us to deliver in high quality environments globally.
  4. Our bespoke global CTV private marketplace deals combined with first party data enables us to deliver the best personalised ads to your consumers.
  5. Benefit from our OTT targeting capabilities and a single reporting dashboard.
  6. We are Brand Safe and IAB Gold Standard accredited.

The benefits of working with Crimtan

  • Viewability – 100% viewable
  • 95% + Completion rate
  • Brand Safety – Minimal fraudulent impressions
  • CTV is Addressable –Advertisers can tailor a message to reach the right viewer at the right time. It also gives advertisers the ability to target content by category, genre, content length and even content rating
  • Fast and flexible
  • More Efficient – CTV enables advertisers with the ability to reach their target audiences with a simple programmatic transaction, as opposed to finding them network by network and by market.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you with your connected TV campaigns.