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GDPR compliant Consent Management that Protects your Revenue

Crimtan’s consenTag Consent Management Platform (CMP) is all you need to ensure you gain web user consent for all your site and internet marketing activities and ensure that any tracking is only fired with a user’s consent

  • Developed by a UK company fully immersed in GDPR
  • Patent Pending, Number 1807183.7
  • Fully integrated with the IAB Global Vendor List
  • Fully configurable for your brand
  • Works on PC, tablet and mobile
  • Implemented via a single tag on your site
  • Fully managed service
  • International and geo-location based with language support
  • One click consent
  • Allows data purposes and legal entities to be selected
  • Tracking technologies only fired and tracking initiated based on who and what user consents to
  • Active ID used for storing and managing consent not reliant on 3rd party cookie and works on Safari
  • consenTag ID can be matched with Your own ID to allow you to provide a complete free data request response as required by legislation
  • Monthly reports on numbers of users consenting by purpose
  • The consenTag Privacy Policy can be found here

Customised consent

A customisable interface allows individuals to give consent and easily access and manage their data. consenTag fully supports the GDPR requirement for clear an unambiguous consent by requiring affirmative actions and has been developed to maximise user consent with the minimum disruption to their site experience. It is simple and easy to use, requiring only a single piece of JavaScript on your site.

Unique technology

Uniquely, consenTag combines the core aspects of gathering and storing user consent with tracking technologies based on consent preferences and the built-in facility to support the rights of individuals to access, correct, port, restrict and erase their data.

Industry registered

Registered with the IAB Europe’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework, ConsenTag fully supports the rights of all individuals under GDPR.

Privacy by design

Crimtan has a long history of data protection and has been a member of the IAB’s Data & Privacy group since day one. We are committed to supporting consumer privacy and, with consenTag, advertisers and publishers now have the ability to collect and process data in a responsible and transparent way that fully meets their legal obligations under GDPR.

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