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We’re delighted to participate in the latest edition of The Future CMO by Raconteur and The Times, published in association with The Marketing Society and Cannes Lions. 

In this highly valuable report we reveal the startling results of a test we did during the Facebook boycott this summer – and explain why it shows that a significant amount of the $70 billion spend on Facebook ads last year may have been wasted.

In the report you can also discover:

  • Why marketers working with celebrity founders are becoming increasingly worried, and how they can help to avoid PR disasters.
  • How creating a Christmas ad campaign this year could be trickier than ever before – and why brands need to tread a fine line with nostalgia. 
  • How marketers are rebalancing their marketing mix during the pandemic, and where the opportunities lie. 
  • Why the previously overlooked esports market has been one of the biggest winners during the pandemic.
  • And what does the battle for short-form video supremacy currently being waged by TikTok and Instagram mean for social content?

You can download the entire report for free now and read all the above and more – including the results of our Facebook test.