Privacy First

We’re ahead of the curve on data privacy and compliance

As a company headquartered in the UK, we’re extremely knowledgeable and fully compliant in all data privacy areas.

From our launch in 2009 we have been leaders in user privacy and, with our ActiveID™ and ConsenTAG™ technologies, we delivered early compliance for both GDPR and TCF 2.0 in 2017. 

Since then we have been certified by several regulatory bodies around the globe.

So you can trust that your campaigns will comply with any regulations, including CCPA/CPRA.

How we ensure brand safety, eliminating fraud and delivering viewability

We target people, not bots. We have integrated our real-time buying platform with the two market-leading verification tools to ensure every impression is delivered to a qualified person, within an environment that is safe for all brands.

Our extensive white lists and black lists can be customised to meet the individual requirements of your brand and your campaigns.