Lifecycle marketing increases the value of your customers

Crimtan pioneered programmatic lifecycle marketing to deliver maximum value to our clients through the entire customer lifecycle – from acquisition and conversion through to up sell and re-engagement.

Lifecycle marketing addresses users differently depending on where they are in the customer journey – using audience, investment and creative intelligence to find new customers, drive them to your site and grow customer lifetime value

Our results-focused, data-driven advertising is powered by proprietary cookieless technology coupled with a world-class dynamic creative offering that ensures that our clients consistently grow their business with relevant, consented digital campaigns that are protected against privacy changes and the deprecation of cookies.

Crimtan Lifecycle Crimtan Lifecycle

More customers, more sales

Our unique lifecycle approach is focused on the outcomes that matter most at every stage of your campaign, and increase the lifetime value of every buyer.

Drive new customer acquisition

Our data, creative and investment intelligence bring new customers into your lifecycle – and keep them there.

Grow incremental revenue

A combination of right message, right time and dynamic creative maximises sales across your lifecycle.

Re-engage lapsed customers

We identify every opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell, and increase the lifetime value of every customer.

How Crimtan supports your business

Full lifecycle DCO PACKAGE across multiple channels

We intelligently marry lifecycle with DCO, giving you the complete managed package AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Not only does our unified stack save you money, but you can also expect two or three times the performance of static display campaigns.

Our dynamic creative also ensures you can easily pivot your images and messages at a moment’s notice with thousands of different creative options within a single campaign.

We have the ability to run campaigns across Display, Mobile, Video, Connected TV, DOOH, Audio and Native.


Data privacy compliance needs to be front and center of every campaign today. As a UK-based company we’re extremely knowledgeable and fully compliant in all data privacy areas. Having worked through both GDPR and TCF 2.0, you can trust that your campaigns will comply with any regulations, including CCPA/CPRA.

From our launch we’ve been a leader in best practices in data protection, and work closely with regulatory bodies. We’re proud to be part of the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0 (TCF 2.0), an important industry wide initiative that delivers more controls and transparency over their data to end users.

We’re also one of just 112 companies to be certified by the new TAG Brand Safety Certified program, and have IASME Cyber Essentials certification.

COOKIELESS digital campaigns

We predicted the death of the cookie several years ago and developed ActiveID to help brands run fully compliant lifecycle campaigns. ActiveID uses advanced triangulation techniques and probabilistic user matching in ad exchanges with 95% accuracy to give you a more thorough, and longer lasting view of your customers.

ActiveID also allows us to target within cookieless browsers like Safari.

We’re a company you can trust – with proven results

Crimtan has been a trusted partner for brands since 2009, and we’ve been expanding our global presence over the years. Today we have offices in the UK, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Russia, the UAE and now the US.

You can see some of the results we deliver our clients here

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Brands we've worked with

  • L'Oréal
  • Virgin
  • Samsung
  • Subway
  • VISA