Crimtan partners with JTB Communication Design (JCD) to offer Joshitabi first-party data globally

We are delighted to announce a unique partnership between Crimtan and JTB Communication Design (JCD). 

JCD operates Joshitabi, which is a category of Model Press, and is an entertainment news and lifestyle information site targeting Japanese women aged 18 to 45. Joshitabi is a micro-site where travel content is written by females for females. It boasts a total of 3.4 million followers on social media, making it one of the largest media sites for women in Japan. 

The partnership will combine Crimtan’s programmatic expertise with JCD’s Joshitabi first-party data to provide advertisers with an innovative digital advertising solution. 

This will be the only platform where JCD’s Joshitabi first-party data is available on programmatic channels. With the ability to access real-time traveller intent signals, brands will now be able to reach travellers wherever they are on their travel journey – be it the dreaming, planning, booking or travelling phase. 

They will be offered cross-channel opportunities using newly digitised platforms in new advertising formats through connected televisions (CTV). 

This unprecedented collaboration comes ahead of Google’s changes to third-party cookies and brands’ increasing focus on first-party data, and is set to revolutionise Japanese outbound travel advertising.

“Japan’s adtech landscape is very close-knit and is hard for overseas brands to break into. Our unique partnership with JCD will help travel and retail brands who are looking to effectively reach Japanese female travellers with their marketing campaigns. This partnership brings a qualified audience pool and with Crimtan’s ability to deliver the most relevant messaging across a customer’s lifecycle journey, advertisers will see an improvement in their marketing investments.” 

– Joshua Wilson, Commercial Director JAPAC, Crimtan

“Our Joshitabi data is unique as it understands every users’ journey and we are able to share this insight and service with prospective advertisers. With Crimtan powering this digital advertising solution, we believe that it provides brands a new and unique opportunity and platform to expand outside of their existing reach.” 

– Hideki Naoi, Digital Marketing Evangelist, JTB Communications Design (JCD)

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