How to create a dynamic display ad campaign

Ever wonder how a dynamic display campaign is created? What process you need to go through to build a campaign that delivers on your objectives?

To help you understand what happens behind the scenes, we want to take you through the entire process of creating a dynamic display ad campaign – from initial contact to completion.

How long does it take to build a dynamic ad campaign?

The first thing we need to cover is the timeline. If you want to create impactful data-driven dynamic advertising, you’ll need to factor in a slightly longer timeline than traditional digital adverts.

Why? Because your agency will need to collect a lot of information from you in order to make your ad personal and relevant, and ensure it will deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

We can usually get a dynamic campaign up and running within one month, or less, depending on the amount of information provided and banner sizes needed.

Our five-step process to build a dynamic display ad campaign

Here’s the five-step process we take our clients through in that timeframe to build a successful dynamic display ad campaign for them.

1) The costs and details

Once you’ve made contact with us, we’ll let you know what the costs will be for creating your campaign. If you’re unsure about what you want from your ads (for example, banner sizes, dynamic/standard ads etc. we can help and advise you on the best strategy to adopt accordingly to your budget.

We work with three different levels of packages, all including the 4 IAB standard unit sizes (MPU, Super Skyscraper, Skyscraper, Leaderboard). However, this isn’t set in stone; we can also create bespoke packages to fit your unique objectives.

2) The pre-creation

Once all costs and details have been agreed, we’ll gather all the information we need to create the perfect ads.

The most important document to complete is our creative brief. This will be the guideline for your campaign and will allow our designers to build exactly what you have in mind.

If information is essential, assets are as well. We’ll need you to send us your brand guidelines, logos, photos, messaging copy, everything that seems relevant to feature in your ads.

From a technical aspect, we’ll also need you to send any tracking to implement into your banners, as well as your product feed. This is very important as we use this in order to show what you’re selling and how you want it categorised.

If you decide to go for a retargeting campaign, we’ll send you our retargeting pixel to track product views on-site. We then use this information to help us show the correct content within your banners.

Once all these different elements have been received, our designers can start working on your campaign.

3) The creation

Before we send you a live preview link, we’ll provide you with static mock ups of your ads to make sure that we have caught exactly what was required. Once you’re happy with the static mock ups, we’ll recreate them through Reflow, our internal platform.

Our designers use this stage to work on ways to animate your banners and get them working dynamically. Once this is done, we collate the ads into a single page; this is what we call a live preview link. We’ll send you this link with all banners shown running smoothly as expected.

You may now give final feedback and sign-off to push the creative through to the next step.

4) The technical

One of the final steps is to make sure that we have implemented all your required tracking. We also send you our tags in order for you to wrap them with the publisher tags. Once done, you’ll need to send them back to us to go through our final test, which we call a QA.

5) The final QA

One more stage and your campaign is ready to go live. In order to make sure that your campaign is set up correctly and meets your expectations, we like to proceed with the QA, our final safety control test. In general, it takes us around

two hours to QA a campaign, depending on the programmatic options, and the number of banner sizes.

We test your campaign through our Reflow platform, as well as a variety of different browsers, operating systems and devices to make sure that your ads will be visible for all users.

What kind of results can you expect from your ad campaign?

To give you an idea of the kind of results we deliver for our clients, please take a look at some of our case studies here.

We’d also be delighted to explain specifically how we can help you. Please call us on 020 7821 6864 or email Jon Weeks and we’ll be very happy to help