What does “User Data” actually mean as a user? Watch Josh Wilson’s podcast interview

As a consumer what do you need to know about the data that is collected from advertising? And why should you opt in? Find out in this podcast interview.

Wahl+Case is a recruitment agency based in Tokyo. They focus on Japan’s tech industry and work with both international as well as domestic companies. They cover technical and non-technical positions in various fields such as Consumer Tech, Enterprise Tech, AdTech and FinTech.

In this podcast interview, John Wilson, our Country Manager Japan and Asia, explains why it’s time to take control of your personal data.

The podcast covers three important areas:

  1. What is the current privacy situation? What data is being collected and why?
  2. What does ‘data’ mean in this context?
  3. Should you opt in as a consumer? What are you really getting from advertising and data collection?

You can watch the interview in full below.