Creative Specifications

Please contact your Crimtan Client Services contact if any creative falls outside these minimum specifications or if it is not listed here.

Insertion orders and creative must be submitted at least four working days before campaign launch date. For more information contact us on 020 7821 6864 or email

All campaigns will be invoiced based on Crimtan server statistics.

Brand safety & ad fraud

Crimtan has been certified to meet the IAB Gold Standard which aims to raise standards in digital advertising and ensure a sustainable future for the industry. Crimtan was the first company to issue a Primary Agreement and Digital Trading Statement that provides agencies with complete transparency about how we protect advertisers’ brands online. We were first awarded a JICWEBS DTSG Seal(view certificate) in May 2014, renewed in May 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 – and added JICWEBS Ad Fraud Seal in 2018 (view certificate). These cross industry set of best practice standards aim to minimise the risk of programmatic advertising placement on inappropriate content.

The Better Ads Standards

The Coalition for Better Ads was created by leading international trade associations and companies involved in online media to improve consumers’ experience with online advertising. The Better Ads Standards provide insight into consumers’ ad experiences and identify those more preferred by consumers.

Crimtan supports the Better Ads Standards initiative to Improve the digital advertising experience by adhering to the standards set by the Coalition for Better Advertising.

Programmatic Advertising General Specifications


120 x 600
160 x 600
300 x 250
300 x 600
468 x 60
728 x 90
970 x 250


160 x 600 (expandable to 600×600)*
300 x 250 (expandable to 600×250)*
728 x 90 (expandable to 728×315)*

* Subject to some serving restrictions. Please contact your Account Manager before building

Maximum file size

Initial: 150K maximum

Total load size*: 2.2 MB maximum

*Total load size includes initial and subsequent/polite loads

NB. Smaller file sizes can improve loading speeds and inventory reach.

Video and animation duration

Maximum animation length: 30 seconds

Maximum host-initiated play: 30 seconds

Maximum 3 loops with overall maximum duration of 30 seconds

Audio – User initiated

Maximum frame rates

Video – 24fps

GIF- 12fps

File types


Flash: SWF (Flash versions 4-10)
Due to major browser limitations in supporting Flash it is highly recommended that HTML5 or image creatives are supplied.

HTML5: JavaScript, JPEG, PNG, and GIF

HTML5 Video: suitable for cross-browser delivery – discuss with your campaign manager

For HTML5 Creatives

All creatives must:

  • Be free of applications including, but not limited to, ActiveX, viruses, exit pops, spyware, and malware.
  • When clicked, landing page should open in a new tab/window.
  • Creative must include a minimum 1px border of contrasting colour to the background colour of the creative.
  1. HTML5 creative files should be provided in a ZIP-archive format which contains all files in one folder. No subfolders are supported.
  2. ZIP archives should contain one HTML file called index.html. All other files, if any need to be within the same folder.
  3. Total files sizes after archiving should not exceed 150KB.
  4. Creative must include a minimum 1px border of contrasting colour to the background colour of the creative.
  5. All calls from HTML5 creative, including those within the index.html file need to be secure.

All ad and third party tracker calls must be secure

Ads must not exceed 50% of a user’s CPU.

Creative coding must not use cross-domain scripting or set cookies in unapproved domains.

All landing pages must be crawlable

The requirements above are applicable to HTML5 creatives hosted on Crimtan’s side. HTML5 creatives hosted externally only need to be compliant with requirements outside this section.

Pre-roll Video Asset Specifications


File format: .mov or .mp4

Dimensions: 1280×720, 1920×1080, or 1440×1080

Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 4:3

Codec: H.264

Frame Rate: 23.98 or 29.97

Bitrate: At least 20 Mbps

Length: 15 or 30 seconds

File size: Up to 500MB (smaller the size the better)

Black bars: No black bars

Letterboxing: No letterboxing


Codec: PCM (preferred) or AAC

Bitrate: At least 192 Kbps

Bit: 16 or 24 bit only

Sample rate: 48 kHz

Audio settings: Required

Optional Companion Creatives

Companion banner size 20K.

Companion can be an image or HTML5.

Companion banner animation time should be 15 seconds.

Companion banner 18-24 FPS.

Include 300×250, 728×90, and 300×60 companion banner options.

Mobile Advertising General Specifications

  • IMG files (gif/jpg/png format) or HTML mobile creative must be provided – with impression and click trackers in addition to any other tag types. Third party tags are accepted, however they may result in limited reach.
  • Creative must be approved at least 48 hours prior to campaign launch.
  • Creative must include a minimum 1px border of contrasting colour to the background colour of the creative.
  • As a minimum a 320×50 / 300×50 format must be provided for any campaign targeting smartphones.
  • HTML 5 mobile creative: maximum size 150KB and 2.2MB polite load
  • Best Practice: For times when a user’s browser does not support creative functionality (e.g HTML5), please provide a standard image file.


FormatDimensionsMax file size
Standard banner300 x 5025 KB
Standard banner (Wide)320 x 5025 KB


FormatDimensionsMax file size
Leaderboard728 x 9050 KB
MPU300 x 25050 KB

Feature phone

FormatDimensionsMax file size
Small120 x 203 KB
Medium168 x 284 KB
Large214 x 365 KB

Rich media

FormatDimensions (expanded 320 x 480)Max file size
Standard banner300 x 5050 KB
Standard banner (Wide) 320 x 5050 KB

Display Ads Best Practices


  • If you are not using a major third party adserver, please provide instructions for third party click tracking.

Supported creative

  • HTML5, gif, jpg, png.
  • Due to incompatibility with mobile and tablet devices we do not accept Flash® tags.


  • We are able to utilise existing Crimtan pixels.
  • If we are implementing Crimtan pixels please ensure they are implemented and firing at least 48 hours prior to campaign live date.
  • Pixel type, placement and quantity to be discussed prior to signing IO.

Rich Media

  • Crimtan works with most commercial rich media companies. All rich media applications, such as video or DHTML, should occur within the standard purchased pixel space. Expanding units must be user initiated.

Animation | Looping

  • Total animation time may not exceed 30 seconds and may not exceed 3 loops of animation within the 30 second limit.
  • Ads may not employ persistent rapid or “strobing” animation of any graphic, copy or background elements.


  • Audio default state is mute and activation must be user-initiated on click.
  • Audio shut-off functionality must be clearly visible to the user.

Ad expansion

  • Ad expansion must be user-initiated
  • Ad expansion or contraction functionality must be clearly visible to the user
  • The method of ad expansion and contraction must be the same (e.g. rollover or click)
  • Close on roll off or must have [x] or “close [x]” on upper right corner of ad


  • Video time may not exceed 30 seconds unless it is streamed, in which case there are no time restrictions
  • Video can play on initial load or be user-initiated via rollover or click
  • Audio must be user-initiated by click

Distinctive content

  • Ads must not be designed to mimic news or editorial content
  • Ad content must be clearly distinguishable from normal web page content and have clearly defined borders

Native Assets Best Practices

AssetDescriptionRequirements COPY (Filled by client)
*Advertiser nameAdvertisers name to
display in the creative
Maximum 25 single byte characters
*Logo imageAdvertisers logo Minimum size: 100 x 100 pixels
Supported image file formats: jpg, png
Maximum width/height: 2000 pixels
Maximum file size: 1200 KB
Aspect ratio: 1 : 1
Color model: RGB (CMYK is not supported)
Image to promote the
advertiser’s product or service
Minimum size: 1200×627 pixels
Supported image file formats: jpg, png
Maximum width/height: 2000 pixels
Maximum file size: 1200 KB
Aspect ratio: 1.91 : 1
Color model: RGB (CMYK is not supported)
The headline to display in the creativeMaximum 25 single byte characters
Long headline An alternate, longer version of
the headline.
This only appears in certain native layouts
Maximum 50 single byte characters
*Body textBody text describing the
product or service
Maximum 90 single byte characters
Long body text An alternate, longer version of
the body text describing the
product or service.
This only
appears in certain native layouts
Maximum 150 single byte characters
*Call to action
The text on the ad’s call-to-action button or link.
For example, “Shop now”
Maximum 15 single byte characters

*Assets required

Connected TV General Specifications

Ad size: 1920×1080 for 1080p

File format: MP4

Frame rate: Minimum of 30 fps (29/9)

Video duration: 15 to 30 seconds (Longer creatives subjected to approval)

Compressions/codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Video bitrate: Minimum of 1.5 mbps and maximum of 8 mbps

Audio compression: AAC minimum 64 – 128 kbps

Instream and Outstream Video General Specifications

Ad size1920×1080 for 1080p
720×720, 1920×1080 or 1280 x 720
File formatMP4MP4
Max file size100MB100MB
Frame rateMinimum of 30 fpsMinimum of 30 fps
Video duration15 to 30 seconds. Up to 3 minutes
allowed on some supply
15 or 30 seconds
Compressions/codecH.264/MPEG-4 AVCH.264/MPEG-4 AVC
Aspect ratio16:916:9 or 1:1
Bitrate15000-30000 kbps15000-30000 kbps
Audio compressionAAA-LC up to 48kHzAAA-LC up to 48kHz
Third-party trackingYesYes
VAST SupportVAST 2.0, 3.0, 4.0VAST 2.0, 3.0, 4.0

Skins Ad General Specification

Images: High resolution logos, high resolution images, accompanying copy(text), call to action​

Fonts: OTF, TTF

Storyboard/scamp: PDF/JPG

Video (if applicable):

  • 15 seconds autoplay (desktop) and 15 seconds recommended (mobile)
  • 30 seconds maximum length
  • MP4 format (highest quality possible)

Video file sizes:

  • Maximum autoplay video weight: 1.4MB
  • Maximum autoplay 15 seconds on desktop
  • User initiated is unlimited (30 seconds recommended)

Technical specs:

  • Intro animation time should not exceed 15 seconds
  • Maximum creative weight on initial load 800kb
  • Maximum autoplay video weight 1.4MB

Design recommendations

  • Keep all important brand, campaign imagery and copy within safe area to maximise visual engagement
  • Re-introduce some of your key brand elements on user scroll

Digital Out of Home D6 General Specifications

Screen pixel dimensions: 1080 (width) x 1920 (height)

File format: JPEG

Colour mode: RGB (CMYK not accepted)

DPI: 72 to 300 dpi

Animation file format: H264.mp4 (8mbps)

Animation length: 10 or 15 seconds

For other Digital Out of Home panels general specifications, please contact our Customer Success Team.

Crimtan Creative Studio

Crimtan Creative Studio is a bespoke creative building platform that utilises features and is compatible with tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and more. From the supplied assets, our creative studio team is able to build out animated creative layered in with additional features such as API connections (weather, pricing, etc.). We can utilise the platform to serve multiple versions of creative messaging to different audiences throughout the user journey.​

All you need is to provide us with the following:

  • Logo: ai/eps/psd
  • High resolution images (key visuals): psd/jpg/png
  • Fonts: otf/tft/woff
  • Video files: mov/mp4/mpg, HD 1080p, 1920×1080, 16:9
  • Product feed/matrix: xslx/xml/txt
  • Brand guidelines: ppt/pdf
  • It’s also good to share with us some past example creatives in the format of HTML/psd/jpg/gif/swf
  • In addition, you can also share your layered master files in ai/psd.

Advertising Policy

All advertisements are subject to approval by Crimtan. Crimtan reserves the right to refuse any ad submission which does not meet the requirements specified above, or is deemed otherwise inappropriate, distracting, or harmful to the online user experience. Please also see our Advertising Terms & Conditions.