Catch up now: The programmatic insight webinar series

We invited marketers from all around the world to join our insight webinar series, hosted by programmatic and product experts Joe Mountford and Joanna Evenden. Have you watched them yet?

Our presenters walk you through three separate sessions, taking a deep dive into the different challenges marketers face in 2023, and revealing insights and best-practice tips to help you hit your brand and marketing objectives. 

Sounds good? Watch on-demand today. 

Episode 1: Geo-Demand analysis

Understand where your customers are located

A marketer’s worst nightmare is wasting budget on activity that simply does not achieve good return on investment. With our geo-demand analysis, we can provide relevant information to help you know where to focus your budget and campaigns within a given country or region. In this session we’ll be discussing how we partner with other data partners to arm you with insights to ensure you’re targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right information. Reducing the risk of wasting that precious budget and maximising campaign performance.

Episode 2: Persona Insights

Understand who your customers are

The better you understand your audience, the more personalised and targeted your advertising can become. This is where persona insights come in. In this session we walk you through how grouping your consumers based on similar behavioural profiles can maximise every element of your advertising campaigns. Find out how using Crimtan’s proprietary data can help you directly target these consumers and increase conversions and ROI. 

Episode 3: Brand Uplift

Understand what your customers think

It’s not always easy to know what impact a single campaign has had on your brand awareness in a market. This first session will explore  how we can use statistical models to compare projected search demand with actual search demand after a campaign starts. Giving you a better and more representative insight on how your campaigns are improving your overall brand awareness and positioning among new and returning customers.

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