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Find out how we pinpointed the ideal target audience to help this global technology brand beat the average video campaign CTR by an impressive 412%.

A global technology brand recently booked a one-month campaign with a budget of $20,000 US. Their objective was to drive awareness and reach to business professionals interested in IOT technology with a competitive completion rate and CTR.

Our first task was to find new customers. To achieve this we used broad Crimtan audience segments, including Business Decision makers as they would give the most reach. To narrow it down on more granular segments, we also included IOT related B2B segments we have access to via third party DMPs Bombora and Bluekai. 

We can use a supplied keyword list and or can build out a relevant custom keyword list for our clients. And for this campaign we focused specifically on micro-content – keywords related to the client’s products. We also built lookalike audience pools from pixels we implemented across the individual product pages on the client’s website, allowing us to be much more strategic with our lookalike approach. 

We then identified the particular behaviours exhibited by users who have viewed any of the pages/products, and then targeted additional Crimtan user pools whose behavioural make-ups match the page-level audiences we saw on the client’s site.

We used our best-in-market geo-targeting capabilities to focus on post codes and districts where the client’s businesses are located. And finally we targeted users who received invoices and receipts from particular vendors or products. For example, people who had received invoices and receipts from Apple, or people who had bought a laptop computer, etc.

What were the results?

The client was delighted with the results from this campaign. The average CTR of a UK market video ad is 0.16%, but we achieved a CTR of 0.82% – a 412% increase. We also saw a much higher completion rate (80.21%) compared to the UK market average (54.57%).

The US market also showed a higher CTR with 0.63%, compared to the average CTR of the US market (0.16%). The US generally showed a higher completion rate than the UK. The US benchmark for completion rate is 80%. Our 82% competition rate was higher than the market average. 

To find out what insights we learned from this campaign, and the segments and keywords we used, download the full case study below.

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